Travis' cancer diagnosis took him far from home and everything that made him happy

You can help keep families together when it matters most

Nine-year old Travis was an ordinary, happy child living on a farm with his family.  When he got cancer, his world turned upside down.  Sitting in the doctor's surgery as his mother Linda tried not to fall apart.  Travis became upset.  He didn't quite know what was happening, but he knew it was bad. 

For almost a year, he would have to endure hard and painful chemotherapy in a strange hospital. 

"Hundreds of miles away, we began the hardest time of our lives.  Without Ronald McDonald House, I don't think we would have made it." - Linda, Travis's mum

Travis and his family are not alone.  Every year, thousands of Australian families are forced to leave their homes, their jobs and their support network to care for their seriously ill or injured child. 

For Linda and her husband, the financial burden only added to their anguish over Travis's illness.  Faced with months of treatment, the family was deeply worried about whether they would have to sell their farm to pay for accommodation. 

Before his diagnosis, Travis whole world was the farm.  he lived playing with his friend Barney and helping his Nan in her garden.  Now his world became Needles, tests and frightening medicine that made him feel sick and weak. 

That's when Ronald McDonald House came to their rescue. 

Ronald McDonald House keeps families together during the worst times of their lives.  Our Houses are more than just places to stay.  They provide lots of support to keep families from falling apart when their child urgently need them to be strong. 

Ronald McDonald House became a sanctuary for Travis and Linda.  Travis would almost run over one he'd finished treatment.  He found a friend, and a place to forget his sickness, event for a little while. Linda found support and friendship and a place her family could come together, which was tremendously important to them all. 

Your urgent support today to help give families like Travis's

  • A safe place to stay, nearby their sick or injured child in hospital
  • A haven within the hospital in the Family Rooms
  • Access to education support for missed schooling during their child's illness 
  • A chance to relax and reconnect at the Family Retreat, away from the hospital

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